Our Mission

To be the first thought for our customers when they require ICT procurement, services or assistance. Being present during the experience, and holding their hand while delivering a successful outcome.

About Us

Think Solutions are an Australian owned and operated IT services provider who are headquartered in Carrum Downs, Victoria. Think Solutions was established in 1998 by CEO, Noel Brodie as he believed that he could provide his customers with a better level of service than what he saw being offered in the marketplace at the time.

Think Solutions still prides itself on providing a best in class customer service experience to customers and instils this ethos into every staff member.

“We continuously encourage and evolve our team to present a relentless practice of best behaviours, leadership, and original thought which ultimately translates into a premier customer experience
second to none.

Our aim is to exceed customer expectations always, while acknowledging the value of our staff and our ability to keep our ethics and values at the forefront at all times.”

Noel Brodie, CEO, Think Solutions

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IT Consultancy

Managed Service

Our Social Responsibility

Think Solutions takes pride in its sustainable practices and active involvement in the community. We have implemented various initiatives at our headquarters in Carrum Downs to reduce our carbon footprint and support local organisations.

To begin with, we have installed solar panels on our premises. These solar panels harness the power of renewable energy, allowing us to generate electricity while minimising our reliance on fossil fuels. By utilising solar power, we actively contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combatting climate change.

In addition, we have set up an Electric Charging station at our headquarters. This station provides a convenient charging solution for electric vehicles, encouraging our employees and visitors to opt for cleaner modes of transportation.

Moreover, Think Solutions proudly sponsors the Edithvale-Aspendale Sporting Club (EASC) and the St. Louis St. Brigid’s Cricket Club (SLSBCC). As major supporters of EASC, we actively contribute to the development and success of the club, including their women’s football team. Similarly, as major sponsors of SLSBCC, we extend our support to their cricketing endeavors and community initiatives.

To gain further insights into our community involvement, we invite you to explore the Think Community page on our website. There, you will find detailed information about our partnerships, projects, and sponsorships that highlight our commitment to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

You can also view our official SP-E001 Sustainability Policy: Environment here.

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