business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet & Think Solutions Partnership


We partner with business nbn® to offer offer robust business broadband with high speeds at a low cost, with the future in mind. nbn® access network offers choice, you can either select a dedicated low CoS connection (1:1) or shared high CoS service, depending on your business requirements. nbn® are partnered with other key Telco. vendors so they can either act as your primary, or compliment your existing infrastructure. business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet gives you the ability to help scale your network solution – assisting you to be productive, collaborative and innovative and to meet the evolving digital needs of your business.

business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet Benefits


Enterprise Ethernet is built upon a robust fibre network that’s designed to help businesses of any size, now and into the future.


Fast, adaptable, and designed to help businesses of different sizes.


business nbn® fibre – more accessible than ever.

Key Features

Symmetrical speed

Enjoy the benefits of symmetrical speed and priority data options of close to 10Gbps.

24/7 support

Dedicated onshore experts connect and provide 24/7 support to providers.

Future proof

Built upon a robust fibre network that’s designed with the future in mind.

Why Think Solutions?

Think Solutions Pty Ltd boasts over 20 years of market presence and extensive experience in deploying network solutions. We collaborate with nbn® to design connectivity solutions tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance and minimal costs. Our team of experts possesses the technical know-how to provide fast and reliable internet access, optimising your business’s connectivity. From initial consultation to ongoing support, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure top-quality service. Contact our team today to take your business’s digital capabilities to the next level.

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