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Office 365 is a platform that is hosted by Microsoft that provides services such as hosted email, document management, Unified Communications and collaboration tools.

Within Australia, the adoption of Office 365 has skyrocketed with many businesses having either implemented or utilised the platform at some point. Microsoft hosts multiple data centres in Australia which means your data remains onshore.

It also makes a lot of sense to deploy Office 365 as an alternative to the equivalent on premise solution. Some benefits include;

  • Microsoft maintain the platform on your behalf

  • You pay for your licenses on a per user, per month basis

  • You no longer need to perform upgrades every 3-5 years

  • You do not have to purchase and maintain infrastructure to utilise the platform

Office 365 Shared Responsibility

Microsoft Office 365 is a platform of shared responsibility, which means that the responsibility is shared between customers and Microsoft.

Office 365

Here is a look at some of the more important items that you still need to look after as a business that Microsoft do not include as part of the platform;


Microsoft do not provide backup as part of Office 365.

You cannot recover data from a point in time without implementing 3rd party solutions.

You will still need to ensure you can recover your data to protect against accidental deletion or malicious attack.


As part of Office 365 Microsoft provide a base level of security.

Without the purchase of additional subscriptions or services you don’t have adequate protection against ransomware and zero-day attacks.

Identity Management

You are responsible with how your users’ access and utilise the data you keep within Office 365.

This includes setting up permissions on data and deciding how your staff authenticate to the platform.

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Why Think Solutions?

Think Solutions have been assisting customers to migrate their data to Office 365 since the early days of Office 365. We have performed migrations of all sizes and can consult, design and implement a migration strategy that is best suited to your business.

Additionally, we also offer solutions to ensure you are covering your shared responsibility within Office 365 such as Backup, Security and Identity Management.

We have confidence in the services we implement and as such, provide customers flexible options to deploy and migrate to adopt Office 365. This includes:

  • Fixed Cost Projects where we take on the project end to end. Including user communication, training documentation, migration activities and project management at a fixed cost.

  • Block Hour Arrangements to assist your internal teams in migrating to Office 365 if you decide to attempt the works internally but still require escalation and implementation assistance.

  • Post Implementation Support: To Support your business post implementation including management of Office 365 licensing, supporting the platform and looking after the services covering your shared responsibility.

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