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Technology should be used as an enabler for business and consulting services can play a critical role in achieving this goal. Although we often hear that customers with internal IT teams rarely have the time to keep up with the latest technologies, best practices and solutions that can help their businesses become more efficient and effective.

This issue is also becoming more prevalent the smaller an organisation is, as resources are often time poor and are busy “keeping the lights on” rather than adding value back into the business.

Therefore, it is important for businesses to engage external parties to collaborate and consult in various areas of technology. Often the cost of consulting services can be offset by the cost savings, productivity gains and efficiencies that the solutions they recommend can generate for a business.

ICT Roadmap Design & Strategy

ICT Roadmaps allow businesses to align their business strategy with their ICT environment.

This will ensure technology is used as an enabler to allow a business to achieve its goals.

An effective ICT Strategy should include:

  • Vendor Selection Criteria

  • Understand the different roles and departments within an organisation

  • Cover all aspects of IT

IT Budgeting

Budgeting is the basis for all business success and budgeting for IT is no different.

An IT budget should be used in conjunction with a well thought out IT strategy.

This should allow businesses to:

  • Optimise IT expenditure in areas that need it most

  • Provide a schedule and plan for IT priority projects

  • Improve your ROI on IT solutions

IT Auditing & Architectural Design

IT solutions are often implemented and then forgotten about until its time for the next refresh.

Without IT auditing your IT team will continually be reactive to the needs of the business rather than proactive.

With the ever-changing nature of IT, it is important to continually audit and review your existing solutions to ensure its still aligned to the needs of your business and industry best practices.

IT Policies & Procedures

It is important for all businesses to have defined IT policies and procedures which assist an organisation in establishing guidelines on how Information Technology is to be utilised and handled.

Policies & Procedures also form an important part of compliance with the Australian Privacy Act and provide customers confidence that they are working with a business that will handle their data in the correct manner.

Why Think Solutions?

Think Solutions have been providing IT Consulting Services to its customers for over 25 years. We specialise in a broad range of technologies across many businesses and industries.

This experience allows us to offer our customers a collaborative and consultative approach that is focused on their unique business needs and requirements that is not influenced by a single technology or vendor.

As an IT service provider, we have audited, designed, implemented, and supported many IT environments. This means that our processes for designing, auditing, and implementing IT strategies are well defined.

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What our customers say

Think Solutions are a trusted partner of our organisation. I can always rely on them to provide me guidance and advice on the latest technologies. I work alongside Think Solutions annually to review my IT Strategy to ensure it is still relevant to the business and what is happening in the marketplace.

 This ensures my business is always looking to utilise technology as an enabler as part of an overall strategy rather than just reacting to business needs.

Furthermore, Think Solutions are always happy to offer advice and recommendations even if it is a solution that they do not offer themselves. This means that I know I can always count on them for honest, unbiased advice that is not focused on a particular brand or technology but rather my business and technology needs.

Leigh Gilmour, Business Integration & Technology Manager

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