Remote Work Solutions

In 2020, businesses have been forced to adopt remote working for departments and in some cases entire businesses due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This left many IT & business leaders scrambling to implement and adjust to the new way of working.

Now that everyone has had time to adjust and reflect on this new way of working, many businesses are now adjusting company policies to enable a “work from anywhere” mentality as we prepare for life in a post pandemic economy.

The distinction between our professional and personal life becomes somewhat blurred in a positive fashion with work life balance truly emerging while the workplace becomes infectiously digital and instantaneous.

Benefits to businesses

Employee Benefits
  • Flexible Working Hours

  • Less Interruptions = More Productivity

  • Better Work / Life Balance

  • More Time with Families

  • Increased Job Satisfaction

Employer Benefits
  • Less Office Space Required

  • Talent Pool Expansion (Hire without limits to location)

  • Lower business running costs (power, water, supplies, etc.)

  • Increased Employee Retention

Environmental Benefits
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint

  • Save Energy

  • No Commute Required

  • Reduction of Food and Plastic Waste

Our Partners

Think Solutions is an extension of our team at Abey Australia. We look to Think Solutions for advice on all things relating to IT within our business. Whether it’s something they can help us with directly or indirectly. They have taken the time to learn our business model and what matters to us, so we have confidence they will provide us with the right advice, every time.

DiAnne Hicks, Sales & Administration Manager

Why Think Solutions?

Think Solutions can assist customers in enabling the 3 pillars of technologies required to enable a remote work environment in a progressive and cost efficient manner. This includes consultancy to determine the most appropriate solution, procurement of hardware and implementation of the final solution.

We also offer ongoing support options for customers who’d prefer us to take ownership of ensuring the solution is maintained and supported.

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