Security Awareness Training

Your Staff Are Your First Line of Defence

Businesses should employ a multi-facetted strategy to protect themselves from cyber threats. This should include both the implementation of different technologies as well as consideration for the human factor.

Your employees are your business’s greatest assets, but they can also be your greatest risks when it comes to cyber security. Your employees play a critical role in maintaining the security of your IT environment.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) reported that between January 2020 and June 2020, 1/3 of data beaches were a result of human error.

Ensuring your employees are educated on the latest cyber threats, how to identify them and most importantly the need to report any suspicious activity to IT is paramount to maintaining the security of your overall network.


Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training involves the process of educating your employees on various real world cyber threats, tactics and risks. By upskilling your employees, you will be teaching them how to be more security aware so that they are able to identify threats and report Suspicous activity to IT.

A well rounded security awareness training package should be able to be easily embedded into your everyday business process. It should include education, regular reinforcement and assessments to ensure effectiveness.

Cyber Attack Simulation

A critical component of any security awareness platform is the ability to perform a cyber attack simulation. This should include various attack vectors such as compromised website, phishing attacks (email), smishing attacks (SMS), amongst others.

This allow you as gauge which of your users are most at risk of being compromised by a cyber threat and what areas of education that you should look to target. Most importantly, these simulations should mimic real world threats to ensure they are relevant to an attack your employees may encounter.

Think Solutions strongly believes that Security Awareness Platforms without the ability to simulate an attack should not be considered as they do not provide critical information required to protect your employees, customers and business.

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