Think Solutions / Lenovo ‘Ugg Boot Promotion’ Terms & Conditions.

Ugg Boot

1. Think Solutions Pty Ltd (ABN 23 058 135 405) (ACN: 131 988 047), is running a trade promotion lottery.

2. The promotion will run from  04/08/2021 9:00am AEDT to 30/09/2021 11:59 PM AEDT.

3. The draw is weighted and being independently conducted by a computer-generated 3rd party company

4. a  There are 20 prizes and there is a limit of one 1 prize per entrant.

b. Entries can be divided between colleagues, for every 6 entries; that is for 12 entries to win 6 can be allocated each for 2 entrants, 18 between 3 and so on.

5. Prize quantity will not exceed participants taking part in the competition, ie in the case that 16 entrants fill out the survey a maximum of 16 prizes will be awarded.

6. The prizes consist of 20 unisex UGG boots that are ordered to the size and colour of the winners.

7.  Upon winning and  the selected colour is unavailable, winners must either wait until it is available or select another colour.

8. In the case that a winner is drawn twice, the electronic draw software will randomly select a reserve winner.

9. This Trade promotion is only open to Think Solutions customers who have its headquarters within Australia.

10. For every Lenovo Product purchased the entrant will receive 1 entry to go in the draw to win, one prize.

11. A once-off lottery will be conducted at the end of the promotion period.

12. All entries must be finalized by Thursday 30/09/2021 11:59 PM AEDT.

13. In the case of winning any of the prizes, there may be fringe benefit tax implications associated, ensure you find out if this is the case.

14. A Think Solutions Representative is defined as a person/s that is employed by Think Solutions Pty Ltd.

15. The draw will be conducted within 72 hours of the competition closing and the winners notified within 72 hours, through electronic mail, and posted on Think Solutions LinkedIn profile.

16. The competition is only for Think Solutions customers, prospects and affiliates, internal employees of Think Solutions are not eligible for any of the prizes.

17. Upon winning one of the prizes, a Think Solutions representative will require the delivery details for the prize.

18. No government entity is eligible to win the prizes, ensure you are aware of your eligibility when participating in the competition.

19. The public will be able to view the computer-generated draw live on on Friday 1/10/2021 at 12:15 pm, via the link provided on the Think Solutions website under LinkedIn. The live-draw link will convert into a winners list once the draw has concluded.

20. A link will be provided with the certificate for compliance once the draw is completed embedded within the Think Solutions website and draw congratulation email.

21. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash.

22. By participating in the contest, you are deemed to have understood and accepted all the rules and terms associated with this contest.

23. Think Solutions reserves the right to alter, switch or change the gifts and amend the rules and terms without prior notice.

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