The business guide to
cloud communications

"The main reasons growing
companies are interested in
purchasing a new phone system"

  • Wanted a phone system that saves them money
  • Needed a system that accomodated company growth
  • Worried about call quality
  • Wanted a phone system
    with increased functionality
  • Specified lack of reliability as a
    pain point with their current
    phone system

Buyers also noted customer support
as a major pain point

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Resonate With You And Your Company?

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What is ShoreTel Hosted Voice?

A Reliable, Secure, Scalable Business Communications
Solution With a User Experience You’ll Love

You’re not just buying a phone system, you’re buying peace of mind.

Keep Your Options Open

Things to think about as you consider a
new phone system

Peak Your Performance

Improve your team when you improve
your communications

Compare Your Choices

Get the best value by researching and
comparing your choices

ShoreTel Benefits

Goodbye Phone Frustration

Looking for a higher quality, more reliable, easier-to-use cloud phone system?
ShoreTel Hosted Voice is your answer.

Outstanding Call Control

ShoreTel Hosted Voice
delivers the professional communication features you need in a phone service

You’re In Good Hands

Rest easy - ShoreTel
Customer Care will support you every step of the way, from transition to installation to MACs and more

Top Phone Performance

ShoreTel IP Phones feature crystal clear sound, superior ergonomics and advanced features.

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